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Former Senator Manny Villar tops the list of richest Filipinos, according to Forbes in its latest list of world’s billionaires. With a net worth of more than 5 USD, Manny Villar ranked 286th in the world.

The top 15 Filipino billionaires included in the list are:

1. Manny Villar – $5.6 billion
2. Enrique Razon Jr – $3.4 billion
3. Hans Sy – $2 billion
4. Herbert Sy – $2 billion
5. Harley Sy – $1.9 billion
6. Henry Sy Jr – $1.9 billion
7. Andrew Tan – $1.9 billion
8. Teresita Sy Coson – $1.8 billion
9. Roberto Ongpin – $1.7 billion
10. Lucio Tan – $1.7 billion
11. Tony Tan Caktiong – $1.7 billion
12. Elizabeth Sy – $1.6 billion
13. Ramon Ang – $1.4 billion
14. Robert Coyiuto Jr – $1.4 billion
15. Eduardo Cojuangco – $1 billion

Manny Villar, Andrew Tan, and Roberto Ongpin are some of the biggest landlords in the Philippines. Enrique Razon controls the Philippines’ largest port operator while Lucio Tan is a cigarette and beer tycoon.

The 6 Sy siblings are the children of the late Henry Sy who founded the SM group of companies whose main business is anchored on the ubiquitous SM shopping malls. Their combined net worth is 11.2 USD which is much lower than 18 USD net worth of their father in 2018. The decrease must be attributed to the decline in the value of their shares of stock in their listed companies.

Tony Tan Caktiong is the founder of the fast food chain Jollibee while Ramon Ang is San Miguel Corporation’s top honcho. San Miguel is the country’s biggest beer brewer and food manufacturer but it has also its tentacles in infrastructure, power, and banking industries. Eduardo Cojuangco used to be the boss of Ramon Ang but the latter bought most of the former’s share in San Miguel.

Robert Coyiuto Jr. is a finance wizard whose wealth was built from insurance and security trading.

The total net worth of the top 15 Filipino billionaires is 30.8 USD which is roughly equivalent to 1.55 trillion Philippine pesos at today’s exchange rate (April 13, 2020). This amount is more than one-third of the entire national budget of the Philippine government (4.1 trillion) for 2020.

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Top 15 Richest Filipinos in 2020
Top 15 Richest Filipinos in 2020

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