Solar Energy: Harnessing the Unlimited Power of the Sun

In the past, people and nations have fought war to secure their source of energy. When the use of fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal became indispensable for economic development, it totally altered the relationship of countries. Yet, the widespread use of these fuels also endangered the whole world with its polluting effects. Thus, the scramble for alternate but sustainable sources of energy began.

Enter Solar energy – that unlimited power that comes from the sun which has been with man since the beginning of time. Aside from its availability for most parts of the world, it is also clean and climate-friendly.

In 2000, the United Nations Development Programme found that the annual potential of solar energy is several times more than the total energy consumption of the world as of 2012. The only problem is how to harness this energy at par or even at a lower cost than that of fossil fuel.

Solar Energy
Solar Energy (Photo Credit:

Current technologies to harness this inexhaustible energy revolve around solar heat, solar photovoltaics, solar thermal electricity, and solar fuels. Once these technologies become available and affordable, no doubt most countries can easily become self-sufficient for their energy needs.

Your country and mine would benefit immensely from the development and use of this renewable energy. Our governments should participate actively for its development.

Reference: UNPD World Energy Assessment – retrieved 3-3-2020

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