Kiangan History, Tourist Spots, Festivals

Kiangan is a 4th class municipality in the province of Ifugao, Cordillera Region, Philippines.

Kiangan Municipal Hall
Kiangan Municipal Hall

Profile of Kiangan Municipality (Geography)
Location –> 345 kilometers north of Manila, specifically north of Luzon (See map below)
Neighboring Towns –> Hingyon and Hungduan (north), Lagawe (east), Lamut (south), and Tinoc and Asipulo (west)
Area –> 200.00 km2 (77.22 sq mi)
Population –> 17,048 (2015 Census)
Terrain –> Mountainous
Industries –> Agriculture, Trading, Tourism, Cottage
Major Products –> Rice, Vegetables, Corn, Poultry, Handicraft, Home-made Food Items
People/Language –> Ifugao, English, Ilocano, Tagalog
Revenue (2016) –> 75,117,494.00
Barangays: 14
Legislative District –> Lone

Government Officials
Go here to see the elected municipal officials of Kiangan.

History of Kiangan

The town of Kiangan, originally spelled as Kiyyangan, is the oldest municipality in the province of Ifugao. It is also a historic town being the place where the highest Commander of the Japanese Imperial Army, General Tomoyuki Yamashita (also known as the Tiger of Malaya), surrendered to the combined Filipino and American Forces on 2 September 1945.

Economy of Kiangan

Kiangan is an agricultural town where rice, vegetables, hogs, chicken and eggs are produced. Cottage industries include wood carving, furniture and handicraft-making. The town center is home to the public market and other small shops.

The local government is pushing for the development of tourism as an additional source of income and employment.

Tourist Spot in Kiangan

Nagacadan Rice Terraces
Shrine of Yamashita and Ifugao Museum

Ifugao Museum
Ifugao Museum

St. Joseph Catholic Church

St. Joseph Church in Kiangan
St. Joseph Church in Kiangan

Ambuaya Lake
Hulit Falls
Pangaggawan Cave
Ibulao River

Bridge across the Ibulao River
Bridge across the Ibulao River

Festivals in Kiangan

Gotad ad Kiangan
Feast of St. Joseph

Map of Kiangan Municipality in Ifugao Province

See also: Profile of Mayor Radis Andrei Bulayungan, Governor Jerry Dalipog

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