Marianito Montesclaros Biography

Marianito Montesclaros is a Filipino entrepreneur. He is the founder of M. Montesclaros Holdings, a construction, real estate and agricultural firm based in Cebu and Iloilo.

M. Montesclaros Development Corporation is a subsidiary of the holding company. It is the firm behind the building of a twin-tower in Cebu called Double M towers which had its groundbreaking in 2019.

Spouse – Esther Montesclaros (Co-Founder of M. Montesclaros Holdings)
Children: Atty. Marius Montesclaros, engineer Mariano Rico Montesclaros, architect Binky April Montesclaros who is married to congressman Raul “Boboy” Tupas of the fifth district of Iloilo Province.

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