Sila Sila Movie Cast, Poster, Trailer, Synopsis

Sila Sila (The Same People) is a Philippine film to be screened at the 2019 Cinema One Film Festival.

Director: Gian Carlo Abraham
Released Date: November 7, 2019

Gio Gahol
Topher Fabregas
Bart Guingona
Phi Palmos
Adrienne Vergara
Jasmine Curtis
Dwein Baltazar
Meann Espinosa
Kych Minemoto
Jay Gonzaga
Sunshine Teodoro
Thea Marabut
Juan Miguel Severo
Boo Gabunada

Movie Poster

Sila Sila
Sila Sila (Photo Credit: Facebook Page)

Movie Trailer

Sila Sila explores the current LGBT practice of ghosting where a partner is left hanging while the other party suddenly and without explanation stops all forms of communication with the purpose of ending the relationship.

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