Famous People from Davao Occidental

Here is a list of famous people from the province of Davao Occidental in Region 11. They are arranged by town.

Don Marcelino
Michael A. Maruya – Mayor
Leopoldo M. Cadulang – Vice Mayor

Jose Abad Santos
Jason John A. Joyce – Mayor
James Y. Joyce – Vice Mayor

Bradly Bautista – Mayor
Estefanie B. Dumama – Vice Mayor
Benjamin Bautista Sr. – Former Congressman and Mayor
Claude Bautista – Governor
Franklin Bautista – Vice Governor
Lorna Bautista-Bandigan – Congresswoman

Santa Maria
Rudy P. Mariscal Sr. – Mayor
Josephine B. Mariscal – Vice Mayor

Virginia T. Cawa – Mayor
Jerry T. Cawa Jr. – Vice Mayor

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