Famous People from Sorsogon Province

Here is a list of all the famous people from the province of Sorsogon in the Bicol Region. They are enumerated by city and town.

Sorsogon City
Ma. Ester E. Hamor – Mayor
Mark Eric C. Dioneda – Vice Mayor
Eugenia Duran Apostol – Journalist and Founder, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Jesus Lim Arranza – Chair of Federation of Philippine Industries
Aldin Ayo – Basketball Coach
Fatima Louise Lagueras – Singer
Fernando Ballesteros Duran – Doctor and Former Assemblyman (1936)
Loida MaƱalac Nicolas-Lewis – Lawyer and Business Executive
Makki Lucino – Singer, 2021 Tawag Ng Tanghalan Finalist
Mary Walter – Former Actress (+)
Sally Lee – Former Mayor

Atty. Cynthia G. Falcotelo-Fortes – Mayor
Maria F. Fortades – Vice Mayor
Atty. Manuel L. Fortes Jr. – Current Vice Governor and Former Mayor

Romeo A. Gordola – Mayor
Luis C. Delmonte – Vice Mayor
Antonio Gerona – Former Judge in Naga City, Camarines Sur; Father of Vice President Leni Gerona Robredo
Socorro Gerona De Castro – Former Minister of Health, Assemblyman and Vice Governor

Michael G. Guysayko – Mayor
Reuel G. Fortades – Vice Mayor

Jose Edwin B. Hamor – Mayor
Dennis Alfonso L. Escudero – Vice Mayor
Maria Ester Hamor – Former Vice Governor

Isagani B. Mendoza – Mayor
Vicente B. Manata – Vice Mayor

Josephine Alcantara-Cruz – Mayor
Salve R. Ocaya – Vice Mayor

Sharon Rose G. Escoto – Mayor
Sixto F. Estareja – Vice Mayor

Alfredo J. Cielo Jr. – Mayor
Christian D. Lim – Vice Mayor

Antonio H. Alindogan – Mayor
Felipe G. Guasa – Vice Mayor
Eddie Garcia – Famous Actor and Director

Augusto Manuel M. Ragragio – Mayor
Allen A. Arambulo – Vice Mayor

Claudith M. So – Mayor
Carlos G. Estrelon Jr. – Vice Mayor

Carolyn C. Sy-Reyes – Mayor
Luis C. Leosala Jr. – Vice Mayor
Charlie M. Inzon – Bishop of Jolo
Dennis Sy-Reyes – Former Mayor
Lino Brocka – National Artist in Film

Prieto Diaz
Benito L. Doma – Mayor
Romeo D. Domasian – Vice Mayor

Santa Magdalena
Eduardo T. Lozano – Mayor
Ramon R. Espela – Vice Mayor

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  1. I also know someone from Sorsogon. His name is Fr. Richard Salas. He was in Canada. I do not know where he is now. I also know of Bishop Arturo Bastes, of the Diocese of Sorsogon. I have heard that Sorsogon is a fishing area.

    • Thank you very much for the information. This site is continually updated so as soon as new information comes in, it will be included.

    • Bishop Arturo Bastes was born in Loboc Bohol Province, so his name is included in that province’s list.

    • Thank you very much for your suggestion. This site is continually updated and a lot more is to be done. Moreover, the city or town where the famous person came from has to be known to he or she can be classified.

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