Geminiano De Ocampo Biography, Contribution To Science

Geminiano De Ocampo is a Filipino scientist and ophthalmologist who is considered as the “Father of Modern Philippine Ophthalmology”. He was also an inventor who invented the De Ocampo Corneal Dissector.

Personal Information
Full Name – Geminiano T. de Ocampo
Birth Date : September 16 , 1907
Died : September 2, 1987
Birthplace : Malolos City, Bulacan, Philipppines

High School : Bulacan High School in 1926
College : University of the Philippines in 1932
Course : Medicine

Career Highlights
* Set Up the first eye bank and eye clinic in the Philippines
* Helped establish the Philippine Opthalmological Society and became its first president
* Helped established the Philippine Eye Research Institute through the passage of the Republic Act No. 4593 in 1965
* worked for the passage and amendment of Republic Act No. 349 concerning the donation of eyeballs for corneal transplantation

Contribution to Science
* Invented the De Ocampo Corneal Dissector in 1956

1982 – National Scientist of the Philippines

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