Inspiring Words for Today, May 29

7 Best Quotes from Robin Sharma, one of the most popular self-help authors

Inspiring Words for Today May 29
Inspiring Words for Today May 29

1. We are all here for some special reasons. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future.

2. The smallest of actions is always better than the noblest of intentions.

3. I once read that people who study others are wise but those who study themselves are enlightened.

4. Each day, life will send you little windows of opportunity. Your destiny will ultimately be defined by how you rspond to these windows of opportunity.

5. You don’t need to have the biggest title to do the best job.

6. The real risk lies in a riskless living.

7. Some of life’s pleasures are its simplest ones. Enrich your life with more of them and your heart will be happy.

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