Heartbeats Lyrics, Video by Andrea Babierra and Jem Cubil

Heartbeat Lyrics

If it reminds you of something
A familiar feeling of wanting
And it hits you hard
Can you break free
To talk about your dreams beside me

I want it to last
Till it hurts you to fight it
You will lose your way to save me
And it could blind you, but find me
Sink into a world within and hear me

As my Heart Beats
Will you Heart Beat
Heart Beat
Heart Beat

How will you behave if I hold you down
I wanna understand you try running
Through your veins
It’s too much of a good thing
That you know so well
What is left to lose
We have lived in hell

But I have more to give
While my hands are burning lightly
I am drowning in your fire
And through the flames unafraid to melt
You are breathing life, inside me

‘Cause hell gets lost inside this heaven we’ve made 6x
Heartbeats, As my meart beats
Will your heart beat

Songwriters: Chris Valera & Alessandra De Rossi
Copyright belongs to the owner

Heartbeat Music Video by Andrea Babierra and Jem Cubil

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