Khuang Aphaiwong Biography

One of the founding leaders of Thailand’s Democratic Party was Khuang Aphaiwong who became prime minister of Thailand for three times – 1944 to 1945, January to May 1946, and November 1947 to April 1948.

Khuan Aphaiwong

Khuang Aphaiwong was born on 17 May 1902 in an area which is now part of Battambang, Cambodia. He was a descendant of a Khmer nobility who migrated to Thailand.

After studying from Assumption college, Khuang Aphaiwong went to France to study engineering at the prestigious Ecole Centrale de Lyon. Upon his return to Thailand, he became one of the leaders of Khana Ratsadon, the group that organized the Siamese Revolution of 1932. After the revolution, he was appointed minister of commerce and communications.

His wife, Khunying Lekha Aphaiwong, was appointed Senator in 1949, becoming one of the first female politicians of Thailand.

Khuang died on 15 March 1968, at age 66.

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