Famous People from Apayao Province by Town

These are the famous people from Apayao Province in the Cordillera Region in Northern Philippines. Click on the link to check the biography or profile of the person. They are arranged by town and in alphabetical order.Here they are:

Martin Lucero B. Lawat – Mayor

Leonardo D. Dangoy – Mayor

Richard U. De San Jose – Mayor
Louie Jon Agustin Sanchez – Poet, Journalist

Joseph C. Amid – Mayor
Elias C. Bulut Jr. – Former Congressman

Josephine M. Bangsil – Mayor

Hector D. Pascua – Mayor

Santa Marcela
Rolly U. Guiang – Mayor

Go here to read the profile of Apayao Province.

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Famous People from Apayao Province
List of famous people from Apayao Province

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